Beatrice M., Donna Kaytor Bursary Recipient

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Beatrice M., Donna Kaytor Bursary Recipient

“I would have never imagined that it was in Girl Guides that I would find a community of women and girls who strive to make the world a better place for everyone and everything, who encourage girls to be fearless in the pursuit of what they love and what they dream of and to never back down just because someone else said that they couldn’t do it.

Girl Guides taught me to never let the limitations that society has put on those with the labels “women” and/or “girls” stop me from becoming whoever I want to be, achieving whatever I want to achieve, and building the life that I dreamed of. Girl Guides is without a doubt the place where I learned to grow as a girl to become a young woman with passion, determination, and the drive to succeed in whatever I put my mind to.”

Beatrice M., Hyde Creek District

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