The awards nominating process at Lougheed Area is an easy two steps:
STEP 1: If you are the nominator, fill out the R.3 Awards Application Form and email form to the Area Awards Specialist.
STEP 2: Nominator and Guiders who are supplying support letters, fill out and submit the Lougheed Area Awards Nomination Online Form.
For information about Awards in Lougheed Area, please contact the Area Awards Specialist

Lougheed Area Awards Nomination Online Form – Support Letters

If you are nominating a Guider for an award, or are supplying a support letter, please use the Lougheed Area Awards Nomination Online Form to submit your letter of support.

To help you prepare, these are the questions we ask in the online form. Additionally, if you prefer to submit your letter via email or submit a scanned hand-written letter, these are the question you should address in your letter:

  1. Why are you nominating/supporting this Guider’s award nomination?
  2. Give five (5) words or phrases that best describe this Guider.
  3. My favourite experience working with her is...
  4. Describe how she has made a positive impact in the lives of girls and/or Guiders.
  5. How does she demonstrate her commitment to Guiding?

Awards Application Forms

REMEMBER: You still need to email a completed R.3 Awards Application form to the Area Awards Specialist to officially start the awards nomination process. The current R.3 form can be downloaded through Member Zone – Look under “Opportunities” > “Recognition” > “Member Awards”.

Award Nomination Deadlines

For awards presented at the Area AGM – Deadline February 15
For awards presented at you District Advancement – Deadline March 15
For awards presented at a different occasion, please contact the Area Awards Specialist to arrange a suitable deadline.

Provincial and National Awards

In addition to the Lougheed Area Awards, Girl and Adult members of Girl Guides of Canada are also eligible for Provincial Awards and National Awards as highlighted in Member Zone under “Opportunities” > “Recognition” > “Member Awards”.

Bursaries and Scholarships

Bursaries and scholarships are open to girl and adult members who are pursuing full-time or part-time post-secondary education at a recognized college, university or trades program. Whether you’re studying engineering, education, political science, or anything in between, there’s a bursary or scholarship that is right for you!

Lougheed Area Council Bursaries – Deadline April 30
BC Bursaries, Grants and Scholarships – Girl Application Deadline March 15 at 4:00pm & Adult Application Deadline February 15 at 4:00pm
National GGC Scholarships – Refer to national website for specific deadline

Ideas – Informal Thanks

There are many ways to thank the Guiders you work with for the great things they do in Guiding. Informal Gifts of Thanks are fun ways to show gratitude at meetings, for special occasions, or just because your Guiders are AWESOME! Check out these ideas and resources