For information about Trainings in Lougheed Area, please contact:
Sharon Shuttleworth, Lougheed Area Training Adviser

When filling out the online registration forms, please fill in all required information. If you do not know your iMIS number please make sure your address is filled in. A separate registration form is required for EACH training that you are registering for.

Please note if you are not a Guider from Lougheed Area there is a fee for training. The fee for evening and day trainings is $10 and weekend training is $100 unless otherwise stated on the information sheet for the training involved.

There is no fee for Lougheed Area Guiders. However if you are a no show you will be charged the fee by your District.

If you cannot attend a training that you signed up for, please e-mail the Training Adviser.

BC Trainings

Out-Of-Area Trainings:

Can’t find the training you need here? Check out offerings from other Areas in the Lower Mainland,
or ask your District Training Rep about E-Learning:
Fraser Skies
West Coast
Southern Vancouver Island

Additional Training Resources:

Training and Enrichment for Adult Members (TEAM) TR1 – Training Equivalency Form
OAL Residential and Tenting Equivalency Form
TR9 – Training Module Tracking Form
TR10 – OAL Program Tracking Form