Siobhan M., Paddy Mantle Bursary Recipient

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Siobhan M., Paddy Mantle Bursary Recipient

“I find it challenging to accurately express in words what Guiding has done for me for over a decade. Not only have I found a second family within Guiding, but I have also gained countless experiences, skills, and positive memories because of it. From Brownies to Rangers, my life has been full of extraordinary thrills and adventures that have taught, amazed, or both. I simply cannot imagine my world without Girl Guides, as it has built me into the kind, optimistic, creative person I am today…

…Guiding was, and will continue to be, one of the greatest enrichments and influences of my life. There has not been a single moment where I have questioned my decision to be a Guider (not counting the time I forgot socks at a camp).”

Siobhan M., Alouette District

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