Updates to the Girls First Program Platform

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Updates to the Girls First Program Platform

Good news for Guiders getting ready for year-end administration on the platform. We’ve made three recent improvements to the girl/youth profile page to make tracking activities and awarding badges easier:

  • Activity History feature: Improved layout plus a new filter, sort and print functions to make it easier to reference and share.
  • Badges and Awards feature: Improved layout, so more information is visible on a page, added in new filters and sort features for easier printing and sharing.
  • Badge and Award progress feature: (coming this month) – changing functionality to allow Guider to manually change the number of activities completed in a theme instead of having to log the same activity multiple times.

If Guiders are experiencing platform challenges or have further questions, they can direct them to the help desk feature on the platform (it’s the teal “Leave a message!” button at the bottom right of their screen).

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