Lougheed Area Spark Circus Spree on May 29th

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Lougheed Area Spark Circus Spree on May 29th

Lougheed Area Sparks and Friends are invited to the Lougheed Area Spark Circus Spree on May 29th🎪

Come one, come all, to the Lougheed Area Sparks Circus!

Date: Sunday, May 29th
Time: 12 PM to 3 PM
Who: Sparks, friends and Spark Guiders
Where: Camp Kanaka
Cost: $5 per girl/free for Guiders providing supervision.

Sparks in Lougheed Area are invited to our Lougheed Area Sparks Circus Spree! Sparks will get to spend an exciting 3 hours at the Camp Kanaka carnival, visiting different stations, playing games and winning prizes. This will be a great chance to meet new friends throughout Lougheed Area.

Girls are also invited to bring a non-Guiding friend to the event. Non-Guiding members can pay Unit Guiders the $5 fee, and Units can include friends in their payment.

All girls and Guiders who attend will receive the special BC Sparks Circus Spree Crest!

Please note: Out of Area Spark Unit Registrations are permitted. The same fees will apply to out-of-area Spark Units.


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