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June 5, 2019

Julie Ramsay
Guide and Trex Guider / Website Specialist / BC Camping Committee
Lives in Coquitlam and has been a Girl Guide for 40+ years

“I started as a Brownie with other girls from my neighbourhood, and it was fun. I continued through Guides because my friends were there and we had some amazing Guiders. My Pathfinder Guiders, especially, were really adventurous, and they opened my eyes and really pushed us beyond what I was currently doing with my family. They took us to Baffin Island on a backpacking trip, and that trip not only kept me in Guiding―it changed my life and made me more confident. Up until that point, I was really shy and always afraid of making mistakes, and I didn’t really like putting myself out there. But after that trip and seeing what I could accomplish, it changed…


June 4, 2019

2nd Alouette Pathfinders, Adventures In Europe


June 3, 2019

Why I Guide? Having Fun.